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The Bay Line Railroad

EMD GP38 645E-16 non-turbo locomotive engine
Bay Line Railroad, 1990 thru 1995

In January 1990, Bay Line Railroad began a program of conditioning their fuel with DFT #1500 "HAMMERDOWN". Bay Line continues conditioning their fuel with DFT #1500 "HAMMERDOWN" with repeated results. Fuel used is #2 diesel, both high and low sulfur. Periodic reviews of operating data and expenses by the Chief Mechanical Officer of Bay Line proved that conditioning the fuel has provided the following benefits:

The following photographs are of an original power assembly from locomotive #501. The locomotive was acquired "second hand qualified" in May 1990, by Bay Line RR from VMV, Paducah, KY. Estimated age of engine at acquisition was 4 years and about 400,000 to 500,000 miles. Upon acquisition, the unit began to use the conditioned fuel. Since acquired, and up to Sept. 1995, the engine ran another 350,000+ miles. The power assembly was changed September 6, 1995 to replace a broken oil ring on the piston. No pictures could be taken of the injector because it was reinstalled "as is" in the replacement assembly.

Using DFT Fuel Conditioner resulted in A Fuel savings of 15% for Bay Line Railroad

Using DFT Fuel Conditioner  Will Save you costly repairs and maintenance

  Piston as removed (not cleaned.) Rings are in  "as new" condition except for the oil ring, which is broken.

Cylinder as removed (not cleaned.) Cylinder walls are free of scoring and obvious wear.

DFT Fuel Conditioner means 50% Reduction  in Replacement of Cylinders & Pistons

DFT Fuel Conditioner Reduces maintenance cost by about 10%

Cylinder head as removed (not cleaned). Estimated age is 9 years (750,000 to 850,000 miles). Note Calcium and other lube oil additive deposits are easily removed with a fingernail.

Chief mechanic John White cleaning head with soap and water

Using DFT Fuel Conditioner means No Burnt Valves or Cracked Pistons since 1990 for Bay Line Railroad

Using DFT Fuel Conditioner reduces frequency of oil changes

Head after being cleaned with soap and water only. Note clean valve guides.

Head after being cleaned with soap and water only. Residue around test port scraped off with thumb nail.



The pictures demonstrate several of the benefits of conditioning fuel with DFT products. There is an obvious absence of hard carbon buildup and wear on all of the components. The lack of scoring on the cylinder walls show that there were no carbon deposits on the piston and piston rings. By preventing scoring of the cylinder walls, designed compression is maintained and excessive lube oil contamination and consumption is prevented. Note: there will always be a certain amount of lube oil contamination and consumption, even in new engines. DFT products keep the lube oil contamination and consumption to a minimum. 

The obvious lack of hard carbon on the head, valves, and piston crown prove the effectiveness of a more complete and efficient burn from using DFT "Hammerdown" treated fuel. The engine can develop more BTU's of power per pound of fuel than before. Therefore, the engine will develop more power, better fuel efficiency, and less emissions. The cleaning of the head using soap and water further substantiates the absence of hard carbon. 

Without conditioning the fuel with "HAMMERDOWN", it would be virtually impossible to clean these engine parts with soap and water. Furthermore, no hard carbon means less wear. The results of less wear are less oil consumption, maintenance, down time, and replacement part costs. These facts are repeated in all Bay Line diesel engines including railroad maintenance vehicles. 

DFT "HAMMERDOWN" Fuel Conditioners are an investment, not a cost, and are the right choice for a total fuel treatment that is proven to reduce the overall cost of fuel and maintenance.

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