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Main engine: Mercedes OM 404 A (455 HP)
Variable route in Norwegian coastal waters carrying vegetable oils.
Treatment of diesel fuel with DFT #1500 "HAMMERDOWN" began early 1993.

     "The engine was completely overhauled this month. There was minimum soft carbon and soot on the injectors, cylinder heads, pistons and piston rings.
     "The injectors had 5300 hours since the last overhaul, and the spray pattern was very satisfactory. Normal pressure on overhauled injectors is 260 kg/cm2; before overhauling, we measured 255 kg/cm2; which is very acceptable.
     "Cleaning of all engine parts was easily accomplished using just rags, soap and water.
     "Similarly, smoke has been so little that it cannot be seen while underway. Also the exhaust temperature is approximately 200 degrees C, which is very satisfactory.
     "Fuel consumption has been reduced from 56 l/hr to 48 l/hour."

s/ Stig E. Benjaminsen
Chief Engineer
Engine Report, April 28, 1995


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Typical Cylinder Head Uncleaned Typical Piston Uncleaned
Cleaning piston with soap and water Piston after cleaning

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